Deadpool pencil-jar


Wait, is Deadpool actually a zombie? Don’t make me go to the Deadpool wikipedia page, because I will hate myself in the morning if I do.

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I don’t know anything about Deadpool, but I love how you can see that huge frown under the mask.

He has an accelerated healing factor so he can get pretty banged up and heal from it. Paradoxically he’s also hideously scared. I stopped reading around “Dead presidents”, which I thought was very poorly written, so I’m unsure where he currently stands on the healing ability, as he did give it up.

Cool but not $200.00 cool


I love this but $200 is too much, i’d settle for a stack of shuriken-shaped erasers.

anyone know where I can get a stack of shuriken-shaped erasers? So i can erase my enemies, bwahahaha!

Actually that kind of makes more sense than Wolverine’s version of that power. If the cells in your body could regenerate like nobody’s business then you wouldn’t have baby-soft skin, you’d be a walking tumor.

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