Deadpool Dead Presidents: Freakazoid-y superhero reboot with evil zombie presidents


The added comedy comes thanks to comedian/übernerd Brian Posehn, who appears to be misidentified in the article.

Not a “reboot”. (In comics-land that term seems to be getting as watered-down as “hipster”.) It’s part of Marvel Now, which is (another) attempt to reduce the constant continuity references and shake up the status quo, but it’s still part of the mainline Marvel Universe.

But Deadpool is always fun, regardless. This looks like a good read.

I’ve always liked Deadpool. I had his first appearance until I recently had to sell it. Got a good price though.

Anyone else play the Deadpool game that came out a few years ago? It was a bit repetitive game play wise. And they kept using clones of bosses, instead of new bosses. But overall I found it pretty funny. Rated M - so it’s not for kids.

Deadpool was at his best when he was scary-insane as well as funny-insane. You know, back when his best friend was a blind woman he often kept in a room full of death-traps.

Duggan and Posehn also both contribute to the great D&D podcast Nerd Poker.

Looks like a Geoff Darrow cover. What I wouldn’t give for some more Hard Boiled, or even Rusty The Boy Robot.

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Right you are, Darrow is responsible for that cover.

And you could always check Shaolin Cowboy!

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