10 Comic-Con announcements that are actually about comics


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Sweet Jesus DC, please use Static Shock as a JL member.


Paper sounds like a Grant Morrison project.


Is it just me, or is Josh Wedons new character look like a Victorian lady Shadow?


Not to mention that Ed Piskor of this parish won an Eisner for HipHop Family Tree.
Nice one Ed!


I seriously never realized that Korra and Whatever her name was ended up romantically involved. Wasn’t even looking for it.


Don’t forget that Joe Kelly and Joe Madureira are returning to Deadpool for the first time in over a decade. Deadpool was created by Rob Liefeld, but the first REALLY GOOD Deadpool comics were done by this team, including a classic where an old Ditko Spider-Man is redrawn with Deadpool playing the Spidey role. This should be on anyone’s top comics-only list!


It’s the red scarf. I saw the scarf and had a Isadora Duncan blip.


Vertigo Comics has long been the cape-free, mature readers arm of DC Comics, publishing critical hits like Sandman

technically morpheus wore a cape, but i know what you’re getting at.

god i hate being that guy…


Given that she’s a Whedon character, she’d best be careful with that scarf around cars.

Adieu, mes amis, je suis un feuille sur le vent.


I always enjoy Hip-hop Family Tree despite having no real interest in hip-hop; now that’s the mark of a quality comic. :wink:


I could see that. Which makes sense, I mean, The Shadow and Batman–they’re roughly the same thing. Even Daredevil, right?


Bill Finger admitted, “My first [Batman] script was a take-off on a Shadow story."


If that great illustration here from Joss Whedon’s “Twist” were hanging in MoMA- 6ft tall x 12 ft wide- it would be an absolute masterpiece of Contemporary Pop Art.


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