DC reprints the classic Batman/Harley Quinn story Mad Love as a coloring book

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There’s a Deadpool makeup line?!

That’s an awesome idea!


One thing about Harley is that she can comfortably fit in a story for kids or adults, even if she sometimes sports lingerie

Well, classic Harley anyway. I know this makes me an old fuddy-duddy but I really don’t care for her more recent incarnations, especially the “Suicide Girls Model” look she donned for the live action movie.

I was just at the SF Comic Con last weekend and there had to be several dozen Harley Quinns in torn fishnets and booty shorts. I assume there had been a run on the local Hot Topic.


Harley’s a sad character. It’s hard to see why she loves Joker. And sad that she’s pining for someone who found his soulmate long ago, over many lifetimes.

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I refuse to believe there aren’t already at least two deadpool lines of make up. One focused on covering up the hideous cancer and burn scarring and one that’s good for being applied on top of a mask.


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