Suicide Squad revealed




Would it kill them to have some natural COLOUR in there? Bloody hell, all the Warner’s superhero movies look like it is permanently overcast. I know that the original comic book look is a bit garish, but this is not realism, last time I checked reality had more range of colour than “some muted, flat red and blacks in as sea of grim gray”


Yes - I totally agree that comic movies in general lack COLOR - which is one of the hallmarks of the original books. The DC universe seems the worst muted.

Ok - so who the hell is everyone? I admit I am out of it. I know who Harley is. I recognize the Japanese lady, but forget her name. Is the Joker no in this pic or is he painted up normal?


I can only identify Harley, deadshot and killer crock. Then again I’m only familiar with pre new 52 comics. Except for Animal Man, that one’s great.


They look like color-muted versions of rejected concepts for “Monster High” characters.


Man… that’s a low blow!


where’s king shark?
the fact that will smith is in this is kinda turning my stomach.
and i didn’t care for Leto’s Mr.J. pic. really all around meh.


Who are those again? Am I just out of touch, or are superhero movies in a crazy bottom-of-the-barrel-scraping MONETIZE ALL THE INTELECTUAL PROPERTIES “anything goes” mode?


King Shark’s just an unconfirmed rumour at the moment, though the one second from the right might be him. (Or, according to other rumours, it might be Killer Croc.)


Most likely: Slipknot (the one I’m most uncertain on, but that’s what the rumours say), Captain Boomerang, Enchantress, Katana (who, of all the characters, is probably the most faithful to one of her comic designs), Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc or King Shark (rumours vary), El Diablo.

Captain Boomerang, Flag, and Deadshot are all classic Task Force X members, appearing in multiple iterations of the group.
Slipknot and Enchantress were both members during Ostrander’s run, while Harley and El Diablo are/were members in the more recent iterations.
Near as I can tell, Katana and Croc have never been members before this movie.


Maybe so, but I’m not the one who outfitted a bunch of supervillains in rave outfits and letterman’s jackets.


And there’s also a full-costume Deadshot image floating around:


They really do look like some kind of back up dancers for a futurepop act.


what’s he got written all over his stuff?
Looks like “I am the Light, the way”
Is that a band or some Hellsing shit?


I fear we are back in the age of overly exploitive, lowest brow comic movies again. The slight renaissance with Dark Knight, iron man 1, and even the first Captain America appears to have been an aberration.

Imuh gonna go put on my video CD of Team America and drink some strong tea.


Maybe they stole the “praying sniper” bit from Saving Private Ryan.

Edit to add: I hope this version of Deadshot is better than the one they put in that Arrow T.V. show. What kind of elite sniper uses a highly visible laser sight? Not only does that not provide any additional advantage to the sniper beyond what his sight’s crosshairs are already doing, it defeats the whole purpose of having a sniper in the first place by alerting the targets to his presence before he even gets off a shot.


Wha? Hollywood fucking shit up with stuff that makes no sense? And with guns even? Say it ain’t so!!!


Not only that but he got killed. Arrow to the eye and all that. I hope the tv shows/movies are not the same continuity.


I only watched the first few episodes of the show before getting bored but I understand that Deadshot shows up again later in the show, having survived the arrow wound but losing the use of his right eye.


ahh i am only going through season one still. when i get the urge to watch a few shows in a row anyway.