Deadspin is crowdsourcing a database of police shootings in America




I’m still mourning the loss of ‘The Gun Report’ … after a year, that closed up shop. It was amazing to see all the gun incidents that don’t get reported … toddler shot by sister, etc. … and how few actual legitimate “home invader shot” stories.


I usually use this database. 1,180,000 results returned in .52 seconds.

A spreadsheet would be good, too.


Why do they hate freedom?


I dunno, but I’m pretty sure it’s not for the salary!


I had a similar idea to track news stories of guns used in self defense. Both first person data, and then data backed by news and/or police reports. The National Rifleman always has a dozen stories of guns used in defense every month. I am sure there are a ton out there. Most instances don’t end in death, and many times shots aren’t even fired. Lots of those instances aren’t even reported though…


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