Deadspin is crowdsourcing a database of police shootings in America




I'm still mourning the loss of 'The Gun Report' ... after a year, that closed up shop. It was amazing to see all the gun incidents that don't get reported ... toddler shot by sister, etc. ... and how few actual legitimate "home invader shot" stories.


I usually use this database. 1,180,000 results returned in .52 seconds.

A spreadsheet would be good, too.


Why do they hate freedom?


I dunno, but I'm pretty sure it's not for the salary!


I had a similar idea to track news stories of guns used in self defense. Both first person data, and then data backed by news and/or police reports. The National Rifleman always has a dozen stories of guns used in defense every month. I am sure there are a ton out there. Most instances don't end in death, and many times shots aren't even fired. Lots of those instances aren't even reported though...


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