Deafblindness and smartwatches


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This is it right here for me- I’ll reference the ever-present Gibson quote that says “…the street finds its own uses for things” and think of the amazing alternate uses folks will find for new tech.
Same thing with the phones, really- my iPhone was never built to take my pulse, but there you go.
This is the bleeding edge that’s most interesting.

It definitely highlights (yet again) the fact that Apple has put an incredible amount of thoughtful consideration into their accessibility options on their devices. This isn’t so much a story of people repurposing tech for adaptive needs, but rather highlighting the ultimate strengths of universal design principles. When you make something for everyone, everyone benefits.

For example, I have used forced mono to route stereo sound through a mono amplifier. That option is ostensibly there for people who have limited hearing in one ear.

Voice dictation is another great example.

I would say that your quote probably better describes the way most “normal” people repurpose the accessibility features :smile:

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