Visually impaired woman demonstrates how she uses her iPhone

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The Braille keyboard is really cool, and she’s so fast!

I suppose you get used to the clamoring vocalizations since it’s how you process info, but whew; I hate even autoplay. I’m just going to gently hug my glasses and be grateful for my goofy nearsighted vision.


A friend of mine who is blind can get around his iPhone as quickly as I can mine. And listening to it read to him hurts my brain - he has it set about as fast as it can go and I can’t keep up.

One can also have the screen dark while using these features so others can’t see what you’re doing. That’s pretty freaky to watch as well.


That is really cool!

Even sighted people could have reason to use phones and standard apps without the screen, perhaps for incredibly extended battery life. Watching her type that way makes me want to learn the skill.


Accessibility is really a pain, in that everyone in a corporate system will say they like / want it times eleventy billion, but actually thinking about and implementing it requires thought and effort and time to get it, and even learning how people really, actually use it. People want it as long as it doesn’t get in the way of business goals. What they do is say it’s incredibly important, then assume it’s easy to handle, then blame you if it’s time consuming for you to worry about. And trying to vet it requires filtering that shit via corporate processes mixed in with “agile means workers go faster!”, where QA is regarded as a cost center, etc etc. But corporate capitalism is definitely perfect and almost certainly the pinnacle of human achievement.

She texts faster with the braille keyboard than I do with the onscreen qwerty keyboard. If I’m typing a long text I have to connect it my bluetooth keyboard lest it take forever. I think I might download the Android equivalent and see if I can get the hang of it. The larger keys and not having to hunt with my sausage-size index finger is bound to be faster if I can commit the combinations to muscle memory as I have to touch type with the qwerty layout on a full physical keyboard. Most of my family can thumb type, but my thumbs are too wide and I never got the hang of that.

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Just keep feeding Siri meth?

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