This blind software developer's display is 450 word-a-minute speech synthesizer


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I want to try that to see what it’s like, really interesting.


Taking users like this into account can lead to the writing of better and more streamline code. It would be interesting to try to work like this for even a few minutes (albeit with much slower read back)


Nice. I’ve been slowly increasing the playback speed of audiobooks for about 6 months, and I’m now very comfortable at 1.75X for most books, dropping down to 1.5 if it’s particularly dense, and going up to 2 for breezier narratives. I wonder if the robotic regularity of TTS helps or hinders at higher speeds?


Wow - how bizarre.


Amazing .


You’re the person that function is for! I’ve always wondered…


It’s particularly fun on podcasts, since they have theme songs to get distorted. :slight_smile:

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