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No stylus exhibits more thought than the Hand Stylus

So it’s better if I don’t use a stylus at all? I am confused!

Okay, I can’t use this, but:

How long is it? Some pencils and styli are just too short to write with if you can’t use the dynamic tripod grip and use a slider grip. So length is a pretty important element of usability.

How many touchscreens actually allow stylus use? From reviews, some touchscreens detect the user’s hand and read any stylus use as a series of pinching and zooming gestures. Most people don’t have the same sensory issues and don’t translate zooming images into intense pain and headaches, but still, this is an issue. And the pharmacy here expects people to sign onto shielded touchscreens so you can’t rest your hand anywhere and can’t write at all. I ask for paper because I can’t use the accursed things.

It’s approximately the same length as your average pen, I just compared to a Pilot Precise V5. It’s pretty heavy compared to your average pen, as it’s all metal except for a bit of the retractor assembly and the tip. Gripping is easy at any point, as is writing even when you can’t rest your hand, and it’s easy to use even being held just between your index and middle fingers.

It’s a touch stylus, which means it’s universal, but also means that it’s detected as a touch, so you can’t rest your hand on the screen while using it, unless your device has some sort of palm protection, which most don’t. You’ll need to get used to air-writing, which the weight helps with a bit.

It’s a touch device, which means it is only universal if universal excludes people like me.

I have had proprioceptive issues all my life. I am never ever ever going to be physically able to write with the dynamic tripod crap, or without resting my hands, or while using both hands at once.

I gave a pen for comparison. Pilot Precise V5, which in my experience is a fairly average general use pen. I didn’t have any others to hand to do a side by side comparison, but it’s likely about the same length, a bit thicker, and a lot heavier than a bic ballpoint.

When I say it’s universal, I mean the stylus will work with any capacitive touch screen, not that anybody can necessarily use it. If you aren’t capable of doing any sort of fine manipulation of pens without touching the screen, this is definitely not for you.

If you definitely want a stylus, the best I could recommend would be to try the Samsung Note series, which DO allow you to rest your hand while using the stylus, but the stylus is usable only with Note devices, as it relies on an integrated wacom tablet.

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