Save 85% on this Adobe Stylus and Ruler in the Boing Boing Store

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I’m not surprised these are on sale now that the apple pencil has taken over the market.

Quite a few companies were making capactive stylus, many even offered pressure sensitivity, and Apple steam rolled them with not much notice. Apple has a history of doing this though. Sorry Adonit, Studio Neat, Adobe, Wacom, Fifty Three, Ten One, HEX3, and all the rest!

Since Apple never provided a stylus API up until now, all of the previous pressure sensitive stylus required app developers to incorporate special libraries and required app/stylus pairings. This Adobe stylus only works with 3 adobe apps all of which also have apple pencil support as does any art app that has been updated recently.

I’d still recommend this stylus to people with older iPads, except this one only works on iPad 4 or newer. The best pressure sensitive stylus for older iPads by a larger margin is the Jot Pro by Adonit.

They have a very narrow window to unload all of these.


Careful folks, this could put you on a watch list.


Can it only be used with the Adobe software packages?
Or can it be used with, say, GNU/GIMP?

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Came here expecting to find a stylus and ruler made out of mud and straw; leaving disappointed.


Yep, making bombs with Apple used to be good times.


85% off nope, 100% off - not interested. Try it side by side with Apple Pencil and there is no way you’ll want this. I returned a new Waccom bluetooth stylus right after trying Apple Pencil at the Apple Store. Day and night, the Waccom wasn’t worth the plastic it was made of.

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Only on adobe software on the iPad 4 or newer. It functions like a regular capactive stylus in other iPad apps similar to your finger but with a fine point.

So no GNU/Gimp unless you have a capacitive screen.

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Has the linguistic cancer gone this far now?

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