Dear airline execs: crowing about new fees and price hikes before your merger makes the DoJ mad


On the plus side, he really stepped in it there.

On the minus side, execs now believe they can do whatever they want, and believe that strongly enough they don’t even try to hide it.


Christ, what a CEO.


That is an epic shit-eating grin.


I know right. Jeez, creepy much?

That picture just screams “Frat boy.”

They also can’t seem to hold their gleeful load.

execs now believe they can do whatever they want

We wanna be free to ride our machines (yachts in Saint Barts) without being hassled by The (DoJ) Man! … And we wanna get loaded (with IPO dividends). And we wanna have a good time (“hunting” pen-raised birds). And that’s what we are gonna do. We are gonna have a good time… We are gonna have a party (hookers and blow like it’s 1986).

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Even if I didn’t know who/what he was, he’s one of thoses guy who I just want to punch in the nose.

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Oh, yes. That’s easily the most punchable face I’ve seen all week.

I like how the teeth are whiter than the eyes.

I just want to punch in the nose.

Knowing his modus operandi, I wanna slap him until the palm of my hand feels puffy and throbbing.
That’ll put a chink on his corporate armor, a speck of bother on his otherwise perfect day.

It probably wouldn’t help anyway. I’m picturing the scene from Star Trek Into Darkness where Chris Pine keeps angrily hitting a creepily passive Benedict Cumberbatch with no apparent effect.

Prepare to be reregulated, jackhat.

P.S. Grow up.

The ventriloquist is standing just off camera, “A gottle of geer, a gottle of geer!”

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