Dear Global Supply Chain, Please Explain


Canvas Art Supper Cool Brave Tank-Crab Oil Painting” is a thing that exists and can be purchased. How did this happen?


Because the world can be a wonderful place?




If I had an office with a lobby, I’d hang that in the lobby.


How is that only $69 if it’s hand-painted?! THAT IS A CRAZY BARGAIN.



Hand-painted in a sweatshop, they mean.


Jeez, I shoulda guessed that, huh?
Guess I’ll have to paint my own Supper Cool Brave Tank-Crab.


It almost looks like the canvas was printed first then painted over the top. I have no evidence for this, but it’s how I’d tackle it if I was looking to knock them out super cheap.


You can get hand painted reproductions that are supposedly pretty darn good for $20-200 US



That will be when I submit your last creation to them and post a pic of it on my livingroom wall…

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