Death Star waffle iron

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I’m unsure whether this will produce good waffles, or if the design will adversely affect the results, making waffles with some overdone areas, or other flaws? I notice the Thinkgeek blurb states:

…both sides have pockets for your tasty toppings.
Just keep in mind when you break out the syrup that it’s likely to do its own version of the trench run.

Aside from the usual waffle grid, has anybody found any interesting non-traditional design waffle makers? Perhaps one that makes round waffles with concentric rings instead of imposing a square grid on a round product?

It’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools.




See the Commons category for more weird waffle iron fun.

I recall a Mickey Mouse one that did not have a waffle pattern…


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Now, here is an interesting waffle iron:
Totally DIY:
Eat Eat Eat » Archive » Sheep-shaped Waffles


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