Debbie Harry has always been a master at on-screen interviews

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My takeaway is these interviewers are creepy, and Deborah Harry has always been awesome.


Bill Grundy comes to mind…


Until she wasn’t. Screw you Debbie Harry. You helped break the internet.

Yes, it’s all true, I did offer to have her kittens once, the rejection has scared me terribly.

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It must have been frustrating to be such a thoughtful satirist and artist, and to be perpetually condescended to as if she were an empty-headed pop star.

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“Debbie Harry”? I though her name was Blondie.

You mean the BAND is called Blondie? Oh man. . . wtf. . . all these years. . . jeez . . .



Well that sucks! I didn’t know she did that. :frowning:

(edit to clarify my particular ignorance).

Sorry for being dense - but your linked article seems to say she is merely looking to protect her IP as megacorporations appropriate her work.
Can you explain the ‘break the internet’ business?

Does anyone else think Chris Stein’s plush toy mascot is really effin’ strange?
What the hell?

Not quite. The recording and movie industries’ lobbyists ran a misinformation campaign to get Article 13 adopted by the EU. Blondie’s catalogue is owned by major labels such as BMG. You could interpret her aggressive advocacy for Article 13 and against the musicians and others who criticized it as working for BMG, or merely as naivety.

Personally, I prefer to give people’s intelligence the benefit of the doubt, in which case she knows exactly what she’s doing. Harry is hardly solely or even mainly responsible for Article 13, she is one of many many advocates who helped get it adopted, but Article 13 is an evil law and she did support it, whatever her reasons. Even generally good intelligent people can take part in terrible actions.


Mine is that many powerful people in the music industry are creepy, too. Some of the comments directed at Deborah Harry reminded me of how Corinne Drewery was hounded when Swing Out Sister first hit the charts. Too often with female artists, there’s more emphasis on how they look than how they sound.

India.Arie was nominated in multiple Grammy categories during her debut year, and it did not end well:

It’s also interesting to read what Alicia Keys (who won multiple Grammy awards that same year) had to go through as a teenager at the start of her career:–1993:_Early_life


What happened to Kesha also comes to mind…


Wow, this video provides a stark, sad lesson in the trajectory of pop music over the course of the 80s going from Dreaming at the beginning to I Want That Man at the end. French Kissin’ in the USA is kind of a mid-point on that scale.

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