Debbie Harry sneaks an anti-nuke message in performance (1978)


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A subtle message to us all to neither fade away nor radiate.


I’m relieved this wasn’t Rapture. Rapture gets way too much hate.

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Shut the hell up, that song is wonderful! So is her headband, I feel 30 years younger just looking at that headband. Too bad it wasn’t Rapture.

But she was neither sneaky nor subtle.


Well, it would really have been something if they were singing Blondie’s actual worst song, which is of course Atomic.


Thanks Mark, always loved her, love her all the more now!

Funny/sad how mutual assured destruction doesn’t drive us mad anymore.

What was this about, then?

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“The use of nuclear power is merely a symptom of our troubled times. It
is time for all Americans to take control of their own lives and stop
being pushed around and poisoned. The race for nuclear superiority can
only end with the destruction of civilization.”

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“No, I don’t think you’re hearing me. I want the outfit to look like a camel toe from every angle and every posture! Now go! Make it happen!” - Debra Harry to her designer.

Also: Rapture is her worst song. It’s everyone’s worst song.

Was she criticizing President Carter? She should have been Dixie Chicked!

I rather like you can look at the outfit and place it late 70’s early 80’s. Same for the music. Just a few years made a diffrence in that time period (well most every time peroid until the 90s)…to be able to push it down to a year or so.

WTF happened in the 90’s. You can take a class photo of the 90’s kids and 2000’s and 2010…and 2015…and for 25 years nothing really stands out stylistically as a marker for that decade.

It’s stagnant. Same for most music today—except that band you’re going to tell me about that’s just a talking heads ripoff blended with a bit rap.

Not her best outfit ever. That was the little white slip dress that went transparent with perspiration at a Belmont Raceway concert in 79.

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Cameltoe sack?

I think the worst songs of Blondie can be found on some of their comeback albums.

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I think of ‘Heart of Glass’ as a quintessential Blondie song, ‘Rapture’ as possibly their best, and I think ‘Atomic’ is the one I like least.

But, damn, Debbie Harry even manages to make that blue sack sexy.


That shade of blue is divine on her.

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Pics or it didn’t happen.

C’mon now. There’s no evidence of any wet-teeshirt competition on the moon.

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