Watch: Blondie on stage at CBGB's in 1975

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Debbie Harry is a person. She is not called ‘Blondie’.
Blondie is a band.


This is the earliest Blondie video I’ve seen. It features Debbie Harry and a rough-and-ready backup group. Not sure who that guitar player is, but he looks like he could have been The Heartbreakers.

… if this was Debby Harry with a rough-and-ready backup group then perhaps it is the earliest Debbie Harry video you’ve seen. Is there anything to confirm this was billed as a Blondie performance? (Other than the implied claim by whoever posted the YT video.)

Was there an incarnation of Blondie with different members before the band we all mostly knew?


Pretty sure this is from the Nightclubbing cable TV show, which ran in the late 1970s and early 1980s on Manhattan cable TV. Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong are the two ladies who taped loads of punk/no wave shows in NYC. Their collection was acquired by NYU in 2010 and digitized for scholar studies. A few years back the ladies did an amazing series of screenings of the best performances from their archives; one personal favorite was the band Ballistic Kisses playing “Tough Shit” (“it’s tough shit cuz you ain’t rich!”). More info at gonightclubbing dot com


Yep, those were the days.


DH was an absolute SMOKESHOW back in the day!!

I think she’s still pretty cool despite the fact that you’ve felt as though you needed to tell us that she doesn’t sexually excite you after 46 years.

But thanks for that, I guess.


Blondie existed as a band by 1974, so, unless she was moonlighting with another band, that’s Debbie Harry in Blondie. (If the year is right.)


OK - so I guess there were early/pre-Blondie-we-all-knew personnel changes.


This was early Blondie. Gary Valentine Guitarist was an original member with Debbie Harry, co-founder/boy friend Chris Stein, Clem Burke on drums and Jimmy Destri keyboards.
Debbie was in a campy 3 girl group called the Stilletoes before Angel & the Snake aka Blondie.
Wind in the Willows was the 60s group she was in back in 1968.
Know your facts before writing an article.

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My friend,
We thought they’d never end.


You mean the facts listed on the timeline in the Platinum Collection…:roll_eyes:

And she still looks great at 75!

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That’s not Gary Valentine in the video though, is it?

To me, it just looks like Chris Stien with long hair,

I didn’t look as good as her at 25, won’t at 50, and let’s just forget about 75…

Plus she can sing, write songs, and probably has talents I’m unaware of.

Now I’m thoroughly depressed.

I saw Blondie open for Patty Smith in a small club in Oakland California in 75 and it was the band we are all familiar with. They were a tight band that rocked, not anything like the one in this video.

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