Debunking Patagonia's feel-good, climate-change-fight story

Yes! But than let’s also get the more public good part, rather than better funding of war machines and cages for kids.

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Fight the double-helix!

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Right. The point is that the latter is accountable through voting. When we let public services get taken over by billionaires who donate how and whatever they feel like, there is no accountability.

This is why the answer is and always has been progressive taxation. The top tax brackets used to be over 90%. Let’s get back to that because billionaires should not exist. Something is broken if they do.


I think the problem right now is people have fallen for the “benevolent dictator” lie. People love Amazon Prime and SpaceX so they think billionaires are doing great for us.

Just like a good king, they are great until they’re not. The Enlightenment Era thinkers understood that all concentrations of power are bad, whether political or financial. I wish more people would remember those lessons.


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Ha. I meant to add a TL;DR.

TL;DR: This donation is a good thing, but the system that allows billionaires to avoid taxes by donating to ‘philanthropic’ lobbying is a very bad thing, everyone needs to stop being fan-boys of billionaires, and the press needs to stop giving them breathless, uncritical coverage.


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