Deceptive tie-dye tablecloth disappoints party host


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I see a business opportunity, I think…


Because the matching plates and napkins would disappear on the pattern.
Look at the center piece in the photo, if it was on tie dye it would be like camo on camo.


White means clean, which is important when setting the table.


We must find these people and exterminate them and their bloodline.


granted, so, tie-dye means what then?

or at the very least, wear patchouli near them.


Not them. The other ones. The ones who ruined Hippy Christmas with their deception.


Me too. I sentence them to the patchouli torture.


Death by patchouli!


Gay Pride. Even granny knows that.


But now we’ll take back the rainbow from teh gayz!!!


I think there is enough rainbow around for all to share.


Late stage capitalism!!!

(Well, someone had to post it. Personally, I think the “camo on camo” argument makes perfect sense.)


If Ken Ham wants to fly the rainbow flag on his ark we won’t stop him.

Does anyone want to go and do it for him?


It means I lose track of my goddam strawberry when I drop it.


Hun did you set out the tactical place settings already?

Five minutes ago when you first asked.

I can’t see it and guests will be here any minute


If rhianna can pull it off, I can pull it off. :wink:


Yeah, I think I’m on a curmudgeon streak today, because the only answer to Mark’s question seems to be “to trick them into having a little bit of taste” The tie-dye fringe is a well-measured amount of frivolity, leaving the white area to be a canvas upon which the events of the day can happen.

Also, I always get bored at events, and a white table cloth to doodle on is a lifeline.


when it probably doesn’t cost extra to print the whole thing with the tie-dye pattern

Maybe not much, but ink isn’t free. And when people want to buy these sorts of things at dollar stores for a buck each, those pennies for ink eat into profit.

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