@Trumpsties: if Trump could wear the ties of his dreams


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Surprised this one wasn’t in the mix:


a past coworker and friend once told me

“a tie is the symbol for the patriarchy! its just a cloth arrow pointing at a mans penis”

and, thus, in 1990, she ruined my ability to ever wear or look at a tie without thinking “cloth arrow - dick”

now? I’ve shared that with all you…


Remember the last Royal Wedding or two? What he really needs is a little girl to hold the end of his tie up so it won’t drag on the ground, and she should be dressed to match the one who scatters rose petals in his path. And he needs to be told very firmly that he is not allowed to date them.


It says something about me that the last one reminded me of the long tails that were once prevalent on the backs of hoods in the middle ages (liripipes)



I was expecting something more like the other Donald’s, @Donald_Petersen, tie.
Edit: I will leave it as an Easter egg hunt for BBSers to find the image…


Is there a prize for finding it?



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