Dinosaur, galaxy, and circuit ties from BB sponsor ShanaLogic!


“Silk-like microfiber”. In other words, polyester ties. Young men: these will NOT make the babes flock to you.


Seriously, who wears novelty ties?

These are wicked cool, and I love the patterns on them. There are five or six that I think are particularly awesome.

But like @peteykins and @Israel_B, I just wouldn’t really wear a novelty tie.

Make them t-shirts, and maybe I’d get a couple.

Lawyers with ponytails, that’s about it though.

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And some people say it’s hard to spot a good lawyer…

No, seriously. Wearing novelty ties is a phase you should be done with before your first job interview.

Disclaimer: DNRC ties are the one acceptable exclusion.

Hi there - I run shanalogic! I can totally understand you thinking that these ties might not look or feel high quality because they aren’t silk, but i promise, they are so awesome in person!! ^.^

thanks for the awesome feedback!! (I run shanalogic)

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