Gorgeous nerdy textiles

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Interesting. I’m not sure when I would wear them or use for decoration, but very interesting concept.

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I have a few ties from Cyberoptix, and they really are top-notch. International shipping to Australia was worth it. Good quality fabric, stunning art, crisp printing – these ties always garner appreciative comments when I wear them on special occasions. Cyberoptix has a broad range that’s highly subjective, so they won’t all suit you; my advice is to pick a few that match your quirks/taste/interests.


First the Star Trek toile tote and now a D20 pashmina. Time to re-write my budget for this month.


The chemical weapons tie makes me slightly regret that I loathe (and therefore avoid) ties.


May I say how refreshing it is to see the adjective “nerdy” attached to something not (completely) rife with pop culture imagery?


Two of my sweeties are librarians. I think I have my upcoming gift purchases taken care of now. (OK, honestly, even my non-libraries sweeties might like some of the things from here.)

Some of those gave me a nerdgasm.

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