Trump but his tie grows longer and Melania's collar just a little taller each time


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You really must not ridicule the POTUS, as it might then be less obvious when he does that for himself.


Why can’t I stop thinking this is like Pinocchio’s nose?


Fairly benign ridicule compared to what they really deserve. Still…



Is it wrong that this makes me want a bright red tie long enough to just barely hang out of the bottom of my greatcoat?

I think it probably is. I better go have a lie-down.


For the full fashion statement I think you also need the weasel strapped to your head.


i mean, SERIOUSLY… wtf is up with his tie? he really wears it much too long. it’s like the zoot suit of ties. is he subconsciously over-compensating for his tiny hands, or does he honestly just not realize what length it should be??


He has the look of a kid who’s trying too hard to fit into his dad’s suit.


She must have been freezing. The dress looked liked it was somewhat thick fabric, but she only had a sort of bolero jacket of the same fabric over it, with three quarter sleeves and fabric gloves. It was a beautiful outfit, just not suited to the cold.


maybe she’s wearing the spacesuit


In so many ways.


Because it’s less disturbing than thinking about the phallic symbolism of Trump’s extra-long tie.


If he wasn’t so insecure about his hair, he’d be able to have full erections and mental faculties.


The growing collar is close to becoming a hijab.

Just sayin’.


Trump will rename Sharia law to Melania law.


When someone is screaming “look, I’m not impotent” so long and so loudly, you have to wonder when he will break down and admit that he really is impotent after all.


That’s not his tie :grin:


The guy is gonna crack. Mark my words…


I hadn’t ever noticed the stupid man’s tie, but I have now discovered that he ties it so wrong that he literally has to stick the tail end on with tape, because he doesn’t leave himself enough tail to properly stay in the loop.

Like, he literally takes out a roll of tape every time he ties his tie, because he’s never learned how to get it to the right length.

And this man sells ties?