Trump team photoshopped him to have larger hands and a better suit


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You ain’t seen nothing yet. Il Douche’s boss is going to teach his people all kinds of tricks from the good old days:


Huh. I thought it was his nose that did this.



But couldn’t it be that the images are just a half second off from one another and his finger moved slight…ah fuck it…Nope…It’s 'shopped.


I really don’t think this can be the case. Nothing else moves, such as his eyes.


“Make America great by pulling my finger!”




It would be trivial for Trump to get his suits fitted perfectly, or buy a whole wardrobe of bespoke ones. But he doesn’t give a shit.


He’d have to pay a tailor on time for doing the work.

Trump can’t stand fair transactions where he has to pay someone what he agreed to, for their expertise.


My favorite part is that you can see the flag in the background getting distorted by the image manipulation too. Even in this one picture Trump is warping America.


I can imagine him at age 10, throwing a fit at Fred’s bespoke tailor and refusing to stand still until his mom gave up and took him to Loehmann’s in Rego Park for a bargain-basement off-the-rack special. I doubt he’s changed in the intervening 60+ years.


Messed up when you realize our taxes are actually paying for that to be done!!!


Doesn’t matter.
What is good for Dear Leader is true.
What is bad for Dear Leader is a lie.


Man that is some really low grade shop work
His knuckles just blur out into a big smear… derp

They did a whole lot of other tiny moves (less jowl, pulled up tie know for less jowl, smoothed some wrinkles, less hair in back, the shadow on the forehead (from smashing it on entrance to AirForceOne). meh


I think if you look back 15-20 years he was better dressed. He was probably thinner then and maybe his previous wife actually talked to him. But most likely it’s that he stiffed all the decent tailors and he also refuses to admit he’s gained 70 pounds and shrunk as he gets old. So nothing fits and he won’t admit that he looks like a schlub


The guy with a gold plated toilet is obviously worried about image so the dumpy look is confusing, but this is actually a pretty good explanation, simple.

I thought the over compensating tie was his signature super villain trademark, but that doesn’t explain the motivation for the overall dumpy look.


Or… Or he actually doesn’t have any money. So he’s wearing suits that did fit once, because he can’t actually afford new clothes.


@Raoul is correct, too, though. For that period when he was younger and slimmer he could get away with it, especially with Ivana telling the petulant man-child to suffer through the occasional fitting because “it’s about your image, dahlink.” That time is long past.


It’s a damn shame they couldn’t photoshop him a better personality. Maybe some ethics. A heart? Nah. There are limits to Photoshop.