Trump flicks dandruff off of Macron's jacket at Oval Office meeting


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Like the old “Head & Shoulders” dandruff shampoo commercial tagline goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”


Why does he keep wearing these ties


Trump even did the “I’m dominating you” handshake that he likes to do, but Macron pulled it back.


It’s the hand grab that gets me. It’s the Alpha Male “Reeeeally glad to meet you but I’m letting you know right now I’m the king of this golf club” handshake.


I guess he’s the president, so no one can tell him what an idiot he looks like?

Also he sticks his ties together with sticky tape.


I know that polite clenched grin in the photo well, and it says: “quel idiot.”

Same answer as for everything else including the badly tailored suits: he’s a vain dope whose emotional development and sense of taste was arrested at approx. age 11.


With a hat tip to Mrs. Betty Bowers:

When the aging gorilla is confronted with the much more virile, new alpha-male, he shows submissiveness by grooming the alpha-male, but the gesture is actually a vain attempt by the old gorilla to humiliate his much younger rival.”

— Jane Goodall


So now we are at war with France!



I can’t believe this is happening. There must be a glitch in the Matrix somewhere. It’s fucking unbelievable.


The weird part is that you can see the little loop on the back of the tie that is purpose-made for holding down the skinny end of the tie. He just ties them way way too long, so it’s useless. Assuming he’ll never learn to tie a tie the proper length, a more elegant solution than scotch tape would be to move the little loop. If his wife cared for him, she’d tell him that.


Makes it really hard to avoid thinking about what’s holding the rest of him together…NO Stormy, don’t tell me LALALALALALA I can’t hear you!!!


As an alternative to this nonsense, here is more entertaining nonsense:

One may be able to distill an entire worldview from a self-professed billionaire’s choice to forego tailoring an expensive suit, but I’m wondering if there’s something far more nefarious afoot—something that, if proven, could impact the course of this American experiment forever: are the president’s pant legs getting wider?


Trump keep making the same first impression on me over and over again.


Also, in this clip President Macron, of his own volition, touches Trump at least four times (and maybe more—possibly touching Trump on the leg additional times, but those may have been just broad hand gestures—hard to tell, as our view of his hand is blocked by the chyron).

My guess is that Trump probably doesn’t get enough physical touching from other human beings, and that someone touching him is probably very welcome. It doesn’t surprise me that he thinks that he and President Macron are very good friends.




This time next week we’ll all be speaking French, but the cheese[s] got me at hello.


Duct tape.



is a buffoon