Decoding trumpism: "Who are you going to believe: me, or your lying ears?"


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She once insisted, on CNN, that Trump should be judged by ‘what’s in his heart’ rather than ‘what’s come out of his mouth.’




Cholesterol. That’s what’s in tRump’s heart, KellyAnne.



From now on, ask yourself… Am I seeing Donald J. Trump on an official White House or Breitbart video presentation? Or is he being shown to me by Jake Tapper, or other people I can’t trust with evidence of any kind, even if it’s filed as an exhibit in a criminal case?

Um, so a person officially affiliated with the president is saying we can trust Breitbart? I mean, I know Steve Bannon is in the White House, but still…

Why don’t the corporate media spend more time exposing the lying mendacity of Breitbart (for starters), instead of basically participating in their legitimation?


You realize this is satire?


It gets so hard to tell! I was misled by the post’s layout, which makes it look like the part I’m quoting comes from the Atlantic piece on Conway.

So I’ll guess I’ll feel relieved? Until Conway basically says that very same thing (I have no doubt that she’d like to say it). And I still think corporate media should go after Breitbart.


I can’t wait to see his presidential library museum…


There is no satire.


No thanks. I’ll judge him on his actions, which includes what comes out of his mouth and his Twitter account.


The interval between “satire” and “holy shit that really happened” is down to about 20 minutes now.


It’s gonna have the loosest slots in town!


I dare you to get that made as an actual brass plaque and put it up on the wall of a public building.

Wait, I’d better not agitate like that on a public forum, in case GCHQ are monitoring me. Or is it the NSA? If I’m a Brit posting on a US website about US affairs, do GCHQ monitor it and pass it to the NSA, or vice versa?


I don’t think he has a single altruistic notion in his heart. Everything he’s ever done in his life was for himself or his family, even his “Trump Foundation” was about lining his own pockets. His “Make America Great Again” is really just “Make Me Greater Than I Already Am.”


I was watching some old episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and there was one with Donald Trump in. It made me think of that conspiracy theory about Michael Jackson - you know, the one where Michael Jackson had been murdered and replaced by a killer clown who went on to build Neverland etc.

He looks like a different person now. His face is just so warped and scrunched up by all that rage. Yet the only shit that’s ever been put on him by other people were a few jokes about toupees.


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I dare you!

Shits going down…


Terrifyingly accurate or accurately terrifying?


I’m sure it’ll have run, spot, run on every shelf, alongside fun with dick and jane. For big boys who are good readers. Like tRump.