Kellyanne Conway's talked about the "Bowling Green massacre" before


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" illegal, racist Muslim Ban"

Islam is not a race, it is a religion.

This is why I write islamophobe rather than racist.


White privilege entitles one to get outraged at someone else’s definition of a word.


The seed has been planted, Conway is creating a new conspiracy theory right before our eyes. Each article vilifying the ‘noble truth speaker’, Kelly Anne, will fertilize that seed until some time in the not too distant future entire websites will be devoted to the tragedy of the BGM and ensuing cover-up by the MSM…


um, what? Who is outraged?

I just think it’s sloppy to call it racist when it is not,


Ok then, white privilege elevates what one thinks above what someone else says.


I still have no idea what you are talking about.


The truth always comes out. My BS detector always buzzes whenever Conway is speaking. She’s a liar. And she’s not good at it, either. I mean the hard swallow and little hair flip she did on Meet The Press when she came out with “alternative facts”, was a textbook example of how to tell when someone is being deceptive (or just straight up lying).

You have been busted, Kellyanne. You can’t talk your way outta this one…


No worries; both labels are very accurate, IMO.


I’m no Tim Roth from Lie to Me; but her ‘tells’ are obvious as fuck - even she doesn’t believe the bullshit that comes out of her own mouth.


I’d love to play poker with her sittin’ at the table.


I don’t have a very good “poker face” my damn self; but I bet I could still bluff rings around that chick.


Is it just me or is her face melting?


Nah, that’s just all the bad plastic surgery, combined with all the drinking she must have to do just to get through the day.



You’re right, but I’d advise using “racist” for most audiences anyway. Keep it simple, everyone knows what you mean. Also, Islamaphobe and Xenophobe are five-dollar words, and freedom only costs a buck o five.


Well, technically, genetically, there is no such thing as race among humans. It is a made-up concept. Therefore, “racist” is a word without context. Owing to the “limbo-nocity” of the word, it is natural that it’s definition is rather fluid. Currently it has come to be used to describe any person who discriminates for or against another person based on some trait other than their actual behaviour. So, if I say I don’t like a douchebag because he is being a douchebag, that is not racist. But, if I say I don’t like him because he is from Jersey, that is racist, under the current - common - use of the word.

Remember, dictionaries don’t tell us what a word is supposed to mean. They tell us how a word is commonly used at the time the dictionary was written.

Granted, using the word for things less than “hateful discrimination against a major demographic based merely on their skin color or heritage” does devalue the word. In this case, I would argue that the Muslim ban and it’s support amongst Trumpers is at least half motivated by skin color and heritage. Therefore it would still meet the narrower definition of “racism.”


Daily Beast reporting a third instance of this lie.


Well, now that we know that she really is just a liar, waiting to see just how much she can get away with: Can everyone please just stop interviewing her?


Maybe she writes dystopian fiction in her spare time and is having trouble keeping reality and fantasy separated. She’s been looking really tired, so that might explain why she’s having trouble separating them.


On the contrary, I’ve found that when I try to simplify things by using the term “racist,” the conversation INVARIABLY get sidetracked into some “that’s not raceism” rabbit hole. So no I try to use the terms bigoted or prejudiced instead.