Kellyanne Conway's talked about the "Bowling Green massacre" before

Can @natehoffelder, @Tony_MacFarlane, @Melizmatic, @MrWoods, @Grant_Robertson, or anyone explain to me why we don’t just use “bigot” when talking about these turds? They tick so many boxes of racism, sexism, Islamophobia, nativism, classism, homophobia, bad taste, incompetence, can’t we all just agree to “dumb bigotry” and move on?


Yes, but it’s been racialized to a large extent in the American lexicon since 9/11.


Seriously. I’d like to play Texas Hold 'em with her. Actually, that would probably suck, because she’s a weirdo, but I’d like to take her money…


Exactly what I was going to say.

I agree. I try to use that term instead. Sad that I have to use it at all…

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I cannot explain to you why other people don’t do it, but I do: ‘Bigot’ is my preferred label of choice, whenever describing anyone who hates others based solely on superficial differences like skin tone, sexual and/or religious preference, etc.


Well, then, I declare victory :-). Where’d the finish line go?


I can’t play poker at all.
I do however think that KC is very good at her job. What makes her so good is that she gives not one fuck about what comes out of her mouth.




I’m sorry, you lost me.
And here I thought that I was the master obtusier.

You are correct, “bigot” is a more accurate word that fits the use better.
However, people tend to choose more inflammatory words when they feel
strongly against something. In a way, calling someone a racist is a bit of
an ad hominem attack. It vilifies that bigoted person, thus further
devaluing any genuine concerns they may have.

And I say this as an adamant liberal and “anti-racist” (if that’s a word).
Yes, a lot of racism is based on unreasonable fear of “the other.” But we
will never “cure” racism merely by suppressing it. Pointing fingers and
crying, “racist,” is one form of that suppression. We have to determine and
address those underlying fears. Roy Wood Jr., on The Daily Show, said he
welcome the increase in overt racism because it brings it out in the open
so we can deal with it. Sure, it’s a comedy show, but he has a point.


good call, bigot works

As long as her job, like Spicer’s, is to utterly undermine any faith anyone has in the US’s democratic institutions. And I think it is.


“She doesn’t give a fuck…” right now.

And she probably won’t “give a fuck,”… at least, until all her lies and her willingness to be the spokesperson for a pathological liar who’s unfit to be president comes back to bite her on the ass…

And they will.


You fully immerse yourself in this and you end up internalizing it. So she could actually believe that there was a “massacre” and it is just another example of Obama throwing more soldier’s bodies onto the smoking pile she pictures in her head.
Best example I ever saw was a room full of low-level tobacco execs in the early '90s swearing among themselves that anyone who thought there was any kind of link between cigs and cancer was just plain nuts. Seeing that these guys really drank the KoolAde opened my eyes to this behavior.


I don’t know if she is physically embarrassable.
That part might be broken.


I said nothing about embarrassment; I couldn’t care less about the overblown egos of these leeches.

I only meant that “she’ll care” should it ever come to the point where criminal charges are incurred, which seems very possible.


twice? Why, friends, I think it’s a movement!


Yeah I hope.
She’ll never crack though.
She’ll keep spinning even from prison.

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Could it be that this is the first documentable instance of the Mandela Effect?