#BowlingGreenMassacre is Trump spokesliar Kellyanne Conway's latest 'alternative fact'


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We will continue to have these problems as long as the mainstream media continues to not cover things that don’t happen. (And this is an ever-growing issue, since more things don’t happen every minute of every day.)


Ursula K. Le Guin wrote a letter to the Oregonian about Kellyanne Conjob’s “alternative facts” line. it is as awesome as you would expect.


My dear friend is the head of the CNN research center (yes, CNN still employs librarians because we can find ANYTHING) and is thus responsible for fact checking. She thought she had it bad, but dear god, I don’t want to be her right now.


It’s like they can’t stop lying. Like children caught in lies. Like preteens bullshitting about knowing kung fu.



sounds suspiciously like you know about such bs …


Didn’t everyone lie about being cool in middle school?


Um, no. I was wearing my angora Unicorn sweater, which was killer, thank you very much.


And I spent the summer ranching bison in Wyoming! Had a girlfriend from Canada and everything.


My boyfriend dumped me for a girl in Canada that exact same summer. This seems too convenient.


Well SOMEONE has to protect the country from all these swarms of giant goddamn bats.




Bats? I can deal with bats. But spiders? No, thank you very much. Icky.


Ever since Trump rose to prominence in the Republican primaries, I’ve been feeling like someone who woke up in one of those sci-fi alternative history narratives where the Nazis won WWII. But now I get it - a bunch of Americans have bled through from another dimension, where things that aren’t real in this one are true there. And even though all the many terrible problems that exist in their reality don’t exist in this one, they’re still really angry we, in our ignorance, are not acknowledging them. There’s no other explanation.


If giant goddamn bats did not exist, it would be necessary to invent them.


Just one other suggestion for how we ended up in this mess: Purposeful ignorance, as easy as ignoring a yellow star stitched to a sleeve. How easy it is to deny pain of others if one remains obtuse. It’s a choice we all have: Be informed, look at at least three news sources a day. I do. I look at CNN, Huffington Post and Fox News every single morning. I need to see how they have represented the news of the day. It’s easy, it’s a click away. And most of us don’t do it.


The thinnys would explain a helluva lot.

I know it sure as hell seems like the FAUXTUS and his cabinet are real life members of the Sombra Corporation, trying to break the Beams and kill the Rose


I just can’t wait til we can finally bring to justice all those responsible for the terrible massacre at Alice’s Restaurant.


Your friend has my sympathy!