Deep dreaming Bob Ross

While he’s presumably being eaten alive, he’s putting pen to paper and writing "a… h… h… h… "

My reaction to this is the polar opposite of what Lovecraft intended it to be.


This is actually the first internet video that I literally, physically could not finish watching. I’ve done acid a handful of times and Mushrooms a bunch. The latter I personally consider to be “the good drugs” (though both were purchased through high school friends, so YMMV) This definitely reminded me of acid. Mushrooms always allowed/forced me into an intense focus on singular existing details, connections and realities (veins in a leaf, the simple profundity of a friendship, the flight pattern of a bee). LSD was always like this video: swirling, chaotic, nonsensical glimpses of things bubbling up from under the surface of reality that you can’t quite mentally resolve, but that are persistent and overwhelming, and attack the integrity of perception. Watching the video, I starting breathing hard and feeling a little panicky, and being at the office (alone, luckily I’m an early riser…) I definitely had to bail on it.



è͙̠v̲̼̣͠er̭̪̜̝͎͠y̶̼̳b̻̳̟́o̰͕͉d̢͚̻̫͎̝̮ͅy̠̼͚͙̭̥̪ ͞n̷̪̼̼e̘͖̣̺͚͔e̩̪͉ḑ̬̘͈̪s̺̤̗͈ ̤͙a͖͙̟͞ ̢͉̩̗̺f̬̥͖̱͈r̠͉ì̳̯e̟̗̜̗n̲̪̗̺̟̬͞d͚̫̫͔̟̻

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I am curious as to why the video feed appears to be reversed for some or all of these scenes. My best guess is that humanity is simply not ready to see a Deep Dream version of Bob Ross played forwards.

You’re making me want to take LSD now…


If Stacksocial offers a lifetime supply of LSD at 95% off, I’ll have to submit some copy on spec :slight_smile:


Use a video download tool. supports hundreds of sites and has a generic mode that sometimes works for those it doesn’t have a specific recipe for.

Personally I love Vimeo, especially compared to the gigantic random pile that is Youtube.


Thanks for the suggestion. I just don’t get it; if a video player has buffered enough frames to keep ahead (which Vimeo does, if you can believe the progress bar), why doesn’t it just play those frames at the correct rate? Supposedly the information is there on my computer. I guess I’m being too simplistic. At least YouTube always works.

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