Eye Candy for Today: Bosch’s vision of Hell


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In a way, that painting looks preferable to a Trump presidency.


Photo taken today



Seems about right.


Bosch FTW. My three-headed lizard avatar comes from the middle of the left panel.



For the people who like Bosch, here is some other eye candy:


I’ve seen some his stuff in person. It is much smaller than I imagined, but still really awesome.




That bird with the cauldron on its head eating the dude farting a bunch of crows is a person highlight.

How can a painting that silly be scary?

I get that I’m probably missing symbolism, but it always makes me giggle.


Thanks for posting this. My Dad had a large-format book with this in when I was a kid, and I’d spend hours poring over his depiction of Hell. I’m still stunned by his imagination now, but what strikes me as an adult are the background images and his incredible understanding of light. That apocalyptic skyline is an amazing artistic achievement for the time.
He was probably my gateway in to appreciating genuine art, and obviously massively influential on artists such as Dali.


A simple like is nowhere near appreciative enough for this :grin:

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