Hieronymus Bosch: Complete Works


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Demystifying Heironymous Bosch with this visual marvel of a book

What kind of drugs was he taking? The cover image reminds me of Friday afternoon waiting for Happy Hour.


I have a book of his stuff already. And saw some originals in Europe once.


My old man used get Frosst Dingbatland calendars (a Canadian pharma company which is now part of Merck Frosst). As a kid, I used to enjoy looking at them in his office - they were usually busy with Dingbats doing funny things.

Almost every time I see a Bosch painting, I’m reminded of those calendars.


I’m not sure if that makes me wish I knew where this was… or the opposite… :slight_smile:


You should have mentioned it’s released coincides with the 500th anniversary of his death on August 9th. There was a big exhibition of his works in his home town, with an excellent catalog published to celebrate it: Hieronymus Bosch: Visions of Genius, by Matthijs Ilsink.




Weird how stuff like Game of Thrones is not for children.

Antiquity confers kid-friendliness


For you Wire fan’s out there: In “Madman’s Honey” (The Ideal Copy) there’s a couple of lines that reference Bosch’s depiction of a trepanning ('Extraction of the Stone of Madness). ‘Master cut the stone out / My name is Lubbert Das’.


You linked to the wrong book. Amazon’s reviews are linked to the wrong book too. That one is tiny. The full size Taschen Bosch book is this one…


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