Demystifying Heironymous Bosch with this visual marvel of a book

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I prefer mine mystified, thank you very much. My Grandfather didn’t fight the Bosch back in The Great War just for them to come over here and demystify all our heironyms.


Demystifying is way over-rated.

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It had been said that we have more in common than we do that separates us. We also use the same pens, and sometimes even review the same kitchen ware.

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Omnis mundi creatura
quasi liber et pictura
nobis est, et speculum.

That’s the world picture.

Yes. But for some odd reason, repeat posts must always be pointed out.

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It is the Law.

That said, I usually link t hem because (a) I think it’s funny, and (b) I don’t want to deny the people the chance to look at the insightful comments in the other topic (by which I mean my own, of course).


Without the diligent readers who take time from their busy day to provide helpful feedback, how will the site ever improve? Are you suggesting that we should read the same wonderful thing twice without complaint? Surely that would inevitably lead to widespread disappointment.

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I hear the sarcasm, but I don’t think occasionally repeated posts are a drawback. I sometimes miss the first posting, and even if I don’t, and as @jlw implies, the two posters often have different takes on the topic.

BB is not the NY Times, but I notice that they often have two reviews of the same book, and I don’t notice complaints there about it. Anyway, if someone has already read or seen the first one and isn’t interested in the second, they can just skip the second.

Phew, enough with this trivial pursuit.

Yes, I was being facetious. It’s so hard to convey tone in prose. Apologies.

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