Deep Thought of the Day


A thread is for sharing

  • insights
  • what happened when stranger neurons in your head met
  • half-baked ideas
  • spiritual revelations
  • transcendent moments of zen
  • drunken insights
  • hindsight
  • highsight

I’m not a big rule person, but my drunken inspiration for this thread leads me to envision that we should try to keep our Deep Thoughts to a sentence or two and then expound as discussion builds on that topic.


publicizing nude pictures of someone would have less impact if it wasn’t illegal to walk around nude in most public places.


You are drunk, nude and in jail right now, aren’t you?


You want me to post the pics?



I believe that @funruly’s post falls under

  • hindsight


Oh, you want another. I just had another.

If a guest spills beer on your couch, and their first instinct is to ask you to clean it up, they are not your friend.


Get thee behind me, Satan!


Christ, what a whole ass!


Inb4 Broomfondle and Magic Thighs…


I believe it was one @beschizza who exhorted:

“Write drunk, edit high.”


Most people work jobs they don’t like, in order to live in places they’re indifferent to, with people who they have no choice about being with.


A deep thought is one that contains a realization you haven’t consciously made yet.

AND of course we can’t have this thread without homage to the master of deep thoughts:


My daughter and I have a new expression that we are trying to get off the ground - meaning not entirely decided:

“I boiled one too many eggs.”

For example,

You purchase an item only to discover you have four more at home, “I guess I boiled one too many eggs!”

or you have too many things scheduled that day.

Or find your own place to use it. Go, disseminate!


Don’t you mean: go, disovumate?



I now want to change my screen name to Maurice Chevalier.


This is an exemplar :arrow_double_down:


I’m sure this has been said before, and better. but I’m too lazy so I’m just posting this here and if you know of prior art I will appreciate the lazyweb tip.

The only people who stand against progress are the paranoid who fear things will get worse and the dull who can’t imagine how things could be better.


Boy, I tellya, if ever there were an argument against the supernatural, it would be the cognitive dissonance raised by the concept of a spectral manifestation that could travel through solid walls, boo and moan and clank its chains, lower the temperature of rooms, write messages from beyond in blood and windowpane-frost, disrupt your sleep and emotionally scar your children and make your pets incontinent, but is utterly incapable of changing its shirt.


You’re going to spend the afterlife doing laundry?


Only if I spend the afterlife getting my clothes dirty. That’s the zombies’ lookout, not the ghosts’. Spooks, spirits, spectres, ha’ants, wills-o-the-wisp, and other affiliated ghostly manifestations shouldn’t have to worry about unwanted interaction with filth from the physical plane, Though I understand that virtually nothing will get out the stain of ectoplasm.

The last of my childhood fears died out as I tried to imagine what thoughts might go through the head of the monster under your bed as it crouched there all day long, tentacles cramping up, as it waited impatiently for its prey to finish its goddamned bath and get into bed already.