Deeply freaky space-jazz-prog-fusion from The Visitors (1974)

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C - O - D - P - I - E - C - E


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How many freaky French bands from the 70s ARE there? I keep finding more.

The rhythm track on the first video is nearly the same as on this classic

I’m not sure Visitors captures just how deeply freaky French Prog was/is.

Magma - sets nearly 3 decades apart: (First clip cuts off, unfortunately.)


Thanks for reminding me about Vanilla Fudge.


Sez 1981 in the video. And really, way more disco/Devo than prog.

This was the soundtrack in Grand Theft Auto 5 when one of the characters freaks out from smoking an illegal substance.

Too many, yet not enough.

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They’re trying so hard to be German!

“space jazz prog-rock”

Not at all, it’s a straight up example of an apparently forgotten genre called New Wave. Like the Buggles. At least the first track is, I haven’t checked anything else out.

Calling it space jazz prog rock made me think it would be like the Mahavishnu Orchestra or Return to Forever.

Rockets are one of my favourite bands ever.

No, in a French context, that would be zeuhl bands like Magma (see above), ZAO, Eskaton, Weidorje, Potemkine…

Magma - a performance from the last decade, but the piece was written in the '70s and performed regularly since then (just never recorded until much later). If you have a spare half-hour, this has got it all: horns, scat singing, ensemble scat singing, an invented language (Kobaïan), a science fiction backstory, rhythm shifts and clashes, a guitarist channeling his inner John McLaughlin…




Potemkine. By Nicholas II they were more fusion than zeuhl.

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