Defcon de-invites the spooks

Defcon is an astounding hacker convention held annually in Las Vegas, and is known as an extraordinary environment in which spooks and hackers mix freely – last year, the head of the NSA gave a keynote in which he called for cooperation between security professionals and America’s spies. That cooperation is being paused, and may… READ THE REST

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I thought everybody there enjoying playing ‘Spot the Fed?’

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That’s just sure to make the traditional game of “spot the fed plant" all the more entertaining.

(Mr./Ms. Burke, you beat me by a second.)



Isn’t the guy who posted this a fed himself?

In 2009 Moss was sworn into the Homeland Security Advisory Council of the Barack Obama administration.


The Homeland Security Advisory Council is part of the Executive Office of the President of the United States. It was created by an Executive Order on March 19, 2002.


Jeff Moss is a fed. Is he showing up?


“Fed” in DEFCON context means (at minimum) federal law enforcement agent with powers of arrest. I think certain military can qualify too. Civilians working for the federal government have never qualified.

And good luck keeping them out. Registration is cash only and as anonymous as possible.

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Some enjoyed it, some didn’t.

I personally enjoy us telling them to fuck off at this point. It’s time to get more serious about protecting average Americans from governmental and quasi-governmental overreach and corruption.

If this makes the spooks uncomfortable… then good. They are doing us all a dishonor by sucking up our tax money at a ridiculous rate for their corrupt “protection” racket.

The gloves are off.


Your pedantic approach to the definition of “fed” shows that you’ve never been to a Defcon nor been a part of the community that supports it.

Homeland Security Advisory Council member ≠ Active NSA/CIA/etc. spook

Will Jeff Moss be showing up? Yes.

Will you continue to offer distractions instead of solid, relevant debate? Probably.

This is how Jeff is looking at you right now:

You should be embarrassed right now.

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This. :slight_smile:


Can you explain why he is not a Fed?
Does he not get paid by DHS?
Does he not report to Napolitano?

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So all the people who actually run the NSA spy programs (70% are private contractors I think) are exempt from being called “Feds”? That doesn’t make any sense to me…

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The fact that I use my real name here instead of some nick name makes it easily verifiable whether or not I have been part of that community. (Hint. I have attended DEFCON , HOPE, and had there not been a ban on travel funds this year, would have also attended BLACKHAT.)

You may go, but you don’t get it.

Can you explain why he is not a Fed?

CowTip: I already did.

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Then why do they keep putting people who don’t technically qualify as feds (including actor David McCallum of NCIS fame) on the Meet the Fed panel?

Okay. That’s your opinion.

OK, I am not a member of the DEFCON/Blackhat community, but I have been a member of communities under surveillance by teh “Feds.” In the communities that I am part of, confidential informants (civilians working for the FBI, typically), private defense contractors, Pinkerton thugs, and most definitely advisors to DHS on matters of Homeland Security are or would be persona non grata. Knowingly helping or advising such people would also annihilate your credibility. It’s just not done.

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Then don’t go to Defcon. Problem solved.

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