NSA notably uninvited to speak at Vegas hacker conferences this year




Really? The NSA guys are the ultimate hackers, and black-hat ones at that. I guess they are so big and awesome that they have their own internal black-hat conference.


The headline says uninvited. The article says not invited.
There’s quite a lot of difference between those.


Spot the spook should be more interesting this year…


Came here to say that - nobody is more deserving of the coveted black hat.


That picture of Michael Rogers was taken after they played this song for him.


That’ll show them. /s


Nice finger crushing his head. :wink:


No, it’s not the Head Crusher, it’s the Face Pincher!


They may not be speaking, but my guess is they will be listening.


Like the NSA needs an invitation…


Oh don’t you worry, they’ll be at the conference.


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