Don't Spy on Me flag


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Fully copyrighted unfortunately.

well, that’s a christmas gift for my roommate sorted.

Okay, Cory - now how do you get this on Woot Shirt so that I can buy one to go with my/your Zomg TSA shirt?

In related news…

For first time ever, feds asked to sit out Defcon hacker conference

Call for a “time out” underscores tensions over breadth of NSA spy program.

Anybody knows who created this? Didn’t find via image search or TinEye.

I assume Cory, since there’s no attribution.

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okay, I want this!

The link is to Bruce Sterling’s flickr account, so maybe it’s his?

hey, folks - if we can find out who owns/did/has this, i’d be happy to print up a batch and sell 'em at cost. super-cool!


Anyone else annoyed by the fact that it is the wrong way round, in the original it was the snake in the picture saying “don’t tread on me” to an unseen aggressor, whereas now the cctv snake shown, and the unseen person is saying “don’t spy on me”. I’m probably over thinking things again.

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reverse image search turned up like six or seven hits (last night, anyway.) no attribution that i could find. hit me up if you print them, please. I need at least one.

One ‘Bruce Sterling’ uploaded it to flickr two days ago and has it marked all rights reserved. Many of the other appearances of this image also point to that account… so I’m 75% sure it’s safe to call him the source.

man, i’d wear the shit out of that.


KRAMER: (handing out anti-mail pamphlets) Here you go. Mail is evil. Pass it on. Hey, mail blows. Fax it to a friend.

WOMAN: Why does this dummy have a bucket on its head?

KRAMER: Because we’re blind to their tyranny.

WOMAN: Then shouldn’t you be wearing the bucket?

KRAMER: Yeah. Move along, Betty.

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