NSA Inside logo


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Kinda old and busted cuz that logo has been parodied since at least the mid 90s.

kind of dating yourself there… and i don’t mean sitting on your hand.


Dang. At first I thought it said, “NASA Inside”. But no. Bummer.

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What the hell is it with the hum drum gang around this place?

“Thats the wrong shade of blue for an Intel logo”

Christ, what a bunch of assholes.


We are the only people here old enough to recognize the logo … and our arthritis starts to synchronize and syncopate when we post together to form some sort of snark-thritis grumping circle.


You kids better get off my logo!


It’d make a great freebie tshirt on the SL marketplace.

Intel(ligence Agency Hardware) Inside!

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Sheesh. The logo was used up to 2006 in their ads, and exists on tons of hardware still in everyday usage. It was one of the hugest campaigns, ever, for like 15 years. Does anyone really think it’s not recognizable?

And, while, yeah, there were a lot of “XXX Inside” parodies, given the fact that the NSA seems to have been bent on back door’ing the freaking BIOS and god knows what else of our computers, the riff on the logo in this case is much more appropriate than most.

Before I saw the credit, I said to myself “that reminds me of the sticker that Bruce Sterling once described.” Speaking of whom, Bruce Sterling still owes me five dollars:

Back in 1994 (which I just realized was 20 years ago), Bruce was invited to speak at the Austin Mac Users’ Group. I didn’t have a Mac (nor that kind of disposable income), but I was interested in attending, which I did. Bruce talked about the efforts of EFF and also mentioned the Clipper chip, and described how someone had printed up a bunch of labels that said “Big Brother inside” to affix to any products that had the chip (this was in the days when (a) the Clipper chip seemed imminent, and (b) there were a lot more retailers where someone could do this, e.g. Computer City, CompUSA, Circuit City, Incredible Universe etc.).

He talked about the EFF (at which time it and EFF-Austin may have been one and the same). He sold me on their cause and he offered to sign up new members. I handed over five dollars (I was earning $6.50/hr at the time) for the membership dues and he took down my name and address. I never heard from Sterling, the EFF, or EFF-Austin and I’m still awaiting the arrival of my membership kit (though, granted, I’ve changed addresses since 1994).

EDIT: Forgot to mention these:

  1. Bruce also name-checked BoingBoing (the 'zine) when someone asked what he liked to read (they may have asked if he liked Wired).
  2. When we were talking about EFF and I gave him the $5, Bruce kept giving me these suspicious looks, as though he thought I was a narc or HUAC or something (or, perhaps, the NSA). I guess I’m too Pat Boone-ish. I got the same reaction from Johnny Rat about a year later; he sidled up to me and (without explanation, introduction etc.) said he could smell undercover cops from a mile away.

Call me when I can have ‘NSA’ screen-printed on the back of my sweatpants like the
Juicy brand.

Umm, guyz…

this is really from the NSA…

(new users can’t post images, you’ll have to see for yourself…)


Oh man I haven’t thought of him in decades! I should re-watch Slacker and see how many of the old Austin crowd I can remember without looking at the credits. I left Austin for NYC in 90 and didnt really keep in touch with anyone there except hooking up with Big Justin in NYC and going to see Agony Column when they played at some metal club in Manhattan.

Buy yeah, I too remember the Clipper chip and the Clinton/Gore Trusted Key Escrow fiascos…

Too bad Sterling jacked you for $5 though.

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Agony Column! Miracle Room moved up there, as well, as did (I think) Nice Strong Arm. But I digress…

OOH another memory of those days. Thanks! Will listen and see if any other memories come up.

As for Agony Column, I lost touch with Paul Crow, heard he got married but don’t know any more. Last I spoke to Richie a few years back he was living in Florida and Stu was married to Bev who painted the cover to their first album and they did some metal band together. Too bad I wasn’t in the US for their reunion show a couple years ago, woulda loved to hear Sixty Six Six Guns again live.

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Thanks for the link! I completely forgot about them.

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Surprised intel hasn’t issued a take down notice on them…

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