NSA college recruiting ad, 1976


Whoa. What is the name of the font they’re using in the ad? I see tons of random small businesses use it in their signs/logos. I always thought it originated from Mortal Kombat 3 but, 1975?!

I would join the NSA. The best way to change something is often from the inside, like those wasps that lay their eggs inside a living caterpillar.

The NSA was (and is) an extremely good career for students with the backgrounds listed. The question of whether we should have such an agency, what its constraints should be, and how we keep it in check are political questions, and what we now know to be a massive overreach is a political failing.

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Those ads tended to get posted on bulletin boards with extra comments, like “If you’re interested in working for us, call your mom” or “If you’re interested, you don’t need to call, we already know about you.”

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