US spy agency adopts globe-encircling giant octopus as new logo




Sh! The Octopus!


Logo: more tentacles. Agency: more oversight.


Wait a second, Isn’t this a mission logo and not a logo for the NRO itself?


I’ll take great comfort knowing I’m safely nestled in my government’s tentacles.


An octopus? R’lyeh?


They must have strong ties with KAOS.


But whatever you do:

Don’t “tap” on the glass.


Mission logos are typically pretty goofy, it’s just a chance for some poor schlub to have some fun at his job.

They also habitually violate copyright by using unlicensed cartoon characters, but no one ever gets mad about that for some reason.


…enemies of the United States can be reached no matter where they choose to hide.

Since this is largely about spying on me, I guess I’m now officially an enemy of the United States. Yay.


One of the old WWII propaganda films featured dark octopus tentacles reaching out from the axis nations, encircling the globe, until an American Eagle relentlessly fought it back, releasing its grip on the planet. I guess there were no history majors in the Design-a-Logo contest.


I’m not particularly thrilled about a lot of aspects of the NSA’s behavior these days, but yeah, we’re going to continue to have signals intelligence gathering in some fashion or another. Every nation on earth has had, has, and will have signals intelligence gathering efforts. As such, this is probably as good a logo as any.


On “The Daily Show” they said that it really should have the octopus clutching a Japanese Schoolgirl but I think that they’ve got the wrong octopus entirely. It should be the master criminal The Octopus from “The Spirit”: the guy with the gloves with the white bars on the back and whose face you never see.


“NOTHING IS BEYOND OUR REACH” Not your thought, not your dreams, we see all and we meddle all.


It wasn’t a logo, it was a mission patch. A bit of fun got squashed for no good reason. This was about imagery intelligence, not sigint anyway.


In Iain Banks’ Culture series of sci-fi novels, the Culture recognizes the occasional necessity of war but resolutely refuses to glamorize or romanticize it; as a result, their (space) warship classes all have names like “Thug” and “Psychopath”.

It would be nice to think that that’s what’s happening here.




When the United Underworld adopted that logo in 1966 it just seemed campy.


you mean like these nimrods?
Semper Stultos


It is indeed the same kind of distancing, but Minds are more thoroughly ironic.