Defect in Subaru keyless entry system makes it trivial to sniff and clone your car-keys

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In future we will all share cars. Subaru is just way ahead of the curve. /s


Speak friend and enter.


I wondered how the concept of car-sharing would work, then I read this:

I’m still curious to see how this would solve the issue of rush hours - where everyone wants to travel at the same time to different locations. Kinda hard to share without some serious car-pooling.


If you truly want to steal my 2015 Outback 3.6r (Her name is Lola) that badly, go for it. I have insurance.

Just please leave my Great Wolf Lodge furry ears and my New England Revolution visor behind…oh, and the Firehouse Pizza rewards card, I am almost to a free small cheese pizza or $5 off my next order.


Sorry @anon61833566, the 2015 Outback doesn’t appear to be affected. On the other hand, my 2010 Outback is affected. 116K miles already, and starting to burn some oil, plus those fruit pie stains on the back seat (don’t ask) – and yeah, I’ve got insurance too. Free to a good maker with bad intentions, I suppose.


and do you have the squeaking yet? There will be something mysteriously squeaking eventually that no one can determine what or where. It happens to all Subarus.

But I love them regardless.


Oh no, not a questionnaire!


I always thought keyless cars to be an incredibly stupid idea. Just something begging to be hacked and probably rather easily so. Nice to have gotten something right.


Not only potentially hacked; what happens if the fob falls into a puddle, or the battery runs out while you are somewhere remote?


Not to mention that if you lose it, it costs $150 to replace instead of a $5 key.



Uh oh… start saving for a reapair/replacement.

Please to explain this squeaking.

I had an 01 outback with over 175000 miles on it when it got t-boned and totalled out. It squeaked significantly less than most cars I’ve owned that were younger and had fewer miles. The one aberrant squeak was a worn cv axle that was a quick, cheap fix.

The used '15 I have now does not squeak any differently than any other car.

And have you ridden in a properly worn pickup? Once they have the proper patina it’s basically all squeaking. From the leaf springs and what is essentially a sprung seat intended to compensate for the suspension.

Cars squeak, creak, rumble and what have as they get older.

My brother has an old BMW E34 with more than 150K miles, and recently switched to a different oil (as I remember 5W60 or 10W60, possibly LIQUI MOLY brand). Engine is now quieter and oil consumption has dropped significantly (like 2-3 times). Fuel consumption may be a bit higher. Maybe it’s worth giving a try?

Lola doesn’t squeak at all. It’s just a common thing I’ve heard from. Other Subaru owners. That’s they always seem to develop mystery squeaks.

Just seems an odd thing to identify as a “Subaru thing”. All cars squeak. Especially after they’ve seen some use. My mother has a mini. Squeakiest god damn car I’ve ever seen or heard. And it’s got under 40k miles on it.

I feel like you are getting overtly defensive about this. I’m saying a handful of Subaru owners I know have expressly stated this about Subarus. I did not state “Only Subaru’s ever squeak”. You’re mileage may vary. Enjoy the drive.

More confused than defensive. They’re not referring to a particular kind of squeak and creak?

It just seems to be an astonishingly vague, near universal thing to peg to a particular car brand. It’s a bit like saying “jeeps you know. Sometime you have to replace the tires”.

Feel free to find the 5 or 6 Subaru owners I spoke to that said it and discuss it with them. I really can’t anymore with this entire line. Leave me out of it.

I know why my truck squeaks- I just haven’t gotten around to pulling the wheels off and checking the brake pads. /rimshot
(2011 tundra, ~75K, original set of pads n rotors)