Defy gravity with the Feel Flux Skill Set


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This barely counts as a science experiment, much less a toy. “Hours of fun slowing things down!” is not a hot commodity.


I think you’re greatly underestimating the attraction of magnets.


If I wanted to play with a lazy, creepy toy that dribbles out into my waiting hand I’d just [punchline redacted out of respect]


You can recreate this effect with a reasonably strong magnet and a reasonably inexpensive length of copper pipe.


It’s even more dramatic than the short length of the Feel Flux. We have:

2 foot copper tube

stack of neodymium magnets

They take almost 15 seconds to pass through the tube, and with a close fit, they make a nice ringing/scraping sound the whole way.

Don’t mess with Lenz’s Law, dude! :rage:


I find magnets repulsive.


Marijuana, the wonder drug.


Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your polarity, man.


…and yet, on the flip side, strangely attracted to them?


They didn’t invent this. It is a physics demonstration that is at least a century old.

Here’s a cheap DIY version. Buy your own neodymium magnet for a couple of bucks. Buy a length of half inch copper pipe from the hardware store. Cut whatever kinds of lengths you want from it. Enjoy!

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