WATCH: Magnetic silly putty eats a magnet



Very cool! I just got some magnetic putty at X-mas, so I’ll have to put it through its paces.

Oh, since it’s inevitable anyway, we might as well get this out of the way:
< sarcasm>
THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Magnets aren’t toys! What if my precious (insert helicoptered child’s name here) were to see these irresponsible videos?! You should be ashamed!
</ sarcasm>
There, now no one else needs to mention it.


Having played with neodymium magnets, my first thought is that you will never, ever get those magnets clean again. I’ve tried to get metal filings off of neo magnets, and you just can’t. There’s something like $75 worth of magnets in that fourth video. MAGNETS DIED FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT. :<


Marc, Thanks for posting all these cool videos.

I’d like to point out that this is not magnetic silly putty. As you know Silly Putty is a registered trademark of Crayola corporation. What you are featuring in some of your videos is homemade ferrous bouncing putty (generic). Silly Putty does not sell magnetic putty.

The real, original, stuff is Super Magnetic Thinking Putty and is a trademark of Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld.

Although you can make a magnetic putty by adding iron oxides or other powders to bouncing putty, you won’t be able to do the neatest tricks: attract AND repel magnets. For that you’ll need Crazy Aaron’s secret sauce of millions of permanent micromagnets that align and actually make the putty magnetic itself. It can also pick up tacks, paperclips and other items on its own.

See video here:

Also, I know neodymium magnets are ‘cool’ but they are also ‘dangerous’ as determined by pretty much every government in the world. Our magnetic Thinking Putty is powerful enough that it works with old school (safe) ceramic magnets. No rare earths required.

My $0.02.

And if you really really want cool, check out Joey Shanks PBS Digital Videos timelapse special effects made using our putty:


If I saw this a week earlier, it would have been a great nerdy e-valentine.
Tagline: “I’ll speed up the world 50x to melt with you.”

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Huge Large Ooze

Hit Dice:
4d10+32 (54 hp)


15 ft. (3 squares)

Armor Class:
3 4 (-2 -1 size, –5 Dex), touch 3 4, flat-footed 3 4

Base Attack/Grapple:
+3/+11 +7

Slam +1 +2 melee (1d6 plus 1d6 acid)

Full Attack:
Slam +1 +2 melee (1d6 plus 1d6 acid)

15 ft./10 ft.

Special Attacks:
Acid, engulf, paralysis

Special Qualities:
Blindsight 60 ft., immunity to electricity, ooze traits, transparent

Fort +9, Ref –4, Will –4

Str 10, Dex 1, Con 26, Int —, Wis 1, Cha 1





Challenge Rating:

1/10th coins, 50% goods (no nonmetal or nonstone), 50% items (no nonmetal or nonstone)

Always neutral

5–12 HD (Huge Large); 13–24 HD (Gargantuan Huge)

Level Adjustment:


This would be so much cooler if it was posted by Jonathan Putty IV, President, Silly Putty Inc.


But can it also copy newspaper comics?


This is, broadly, not true. That is to say, they are not actually as dangerous as government hand-wringers want you to think, and I’ve only heard of that happening in the US anyway.

Large neo magnets (much bigger than the ones in the video, an inch or more) can pinch or crush fingers if you’re not careful; those are not toys and shouldn’t be treated as such. Small ones can be very dangerous and potentially fatal if you swallow them, which is true of hundreds of common household items and substances; generally the response is to label them appropriately. (Swallowing one is fine, but two or more can potentially pinch together across loops of intestine and cause nasty infections.)

It is now illegal to buy those little round magnets in the fourth video anywhere in the US. Not with any amount of warning label. Because THINK OF THE FUCKING CHILDREN. I’m not allowed to buy magnet desk toys because a two-year-old might break into my apartment and maliciously swallow them. Bleach, somehow, remains purchasable at any supermarket.

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Now this putty has to go to hospital and tell the nurse that he accidentally slipped onto the magnet.


It was a million to one shot, doc. A million to one.


B.O.B. put that magnet back you don’t know where it’s been!

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Would be more fun with a magnetic spaceman toy. :slight_smile:

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