Space putty is the best way to spend $10

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Whether I’m trying to relieve some stress at work or entertain myself on the metro

Oh no! The AI has taken on bodily form and is riding commuter trains! Run for your liiiiiiives!


Wowww. I could give to the Red Cross, or Amnesty International, or Medecins sans Frontieres. I could feed a homeless person or buy my son school supplies. But Space putty is the best way to spend $10.


I bought some of this a while back - just an impulse purchase in a checkout lineup. Total waste of money. It’s just silly putty with iron filings or something similar mixed in. The coolest thing it does is form a ball around the magnet.

Eventually, it wound up permanently ingrained in my six-year-daughter’s blanket, which went in the trash as a result.


“Space putty is the best way to spend $10”

That’s assuming uber-cheap hookers don’t count. Right?


Now, now. Well-healed shareholders also have needs.

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I knew Uber does takeout food, but this is a business model I could see working.


This stuff is total garbage. NOT magnetic at all. Took over 2 months to get a refund and very slow customer service.

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It does NOT do what this picture shows. Rip-off.

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I think that the AI might BE the commuter train!

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Next up Scamitty ScamScam Putty

Lately I’ve been making small 10 contributions to the NRDC, ACLU, and Planned Parenthood when the Trump angst grows too much, since I feel ever so slightly less helpless, and it’s not like I’m going to look back years later and regret it. No toy to play with, but I feel better than when I’m fidgeting with toys.


The stuff Igot turns my fingers blue, and is just really irritating and annoying. It’s not fun.

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Wait, you can Uber cheap hookers?

Edit: Doh! joeair61 beat me to it.

Well, this does look like a good price on this product. But the top Amazon reviews are all negative, eg.:

[quote]{Two Stars} Black dye on hands!!!
By Ashley Lewis on August 20, 2016
Color: Black Verified Purchase
It’s not as magnetic as I thought it’d be. Definitely doesn’t look like the photo. It looks and feels like silly putty but transfers a black greasy dye onto your hands that is difficult to wash off even with vigorous soap scrubbing. I can’t play with this unless I’m prepared to wash my hands immediately after. Definitely can’t use this as intended. Wouldn’t recommend.

{One Star} Disappointing
By MsMeliss on March 14, 2016
Color: Black
I have a 7 year old son who loves scientific toys, especially magnets, so I thought this would be a great product for him. The rating was pretty high, so I thought it would be a good product. However, my son and I were both disappointed. I don’t like leaving bad reviews, but I don’t feel like this product works as described. It doesn’t attract the magnet as the pictures show. The magnet does stick to it, but it does not gravitate toward it. The description says the magnets are infused in the putty “causing the putty to move around” and that it “swallows up small magnets like a black hole.” It didn’t do either of those things. This putty is very sticky and has a funky, almost oily smell so we played with it less than we would any other putty and we all lost interest in about 2 minutes.

I wouldn’t recommend.

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. As a fellow Amazon buyer, I also read reviews to help me make better informed buying decisions, so I’m committed to helping you in the same way. Thanks for reading!

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