This magnetic space putty is oddly satisfying


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Hrm… I might have to try this…



Seems to me that once you’ve had the fun of watching this stuff swallow a magnet, it must be a real pain to clean off afterwards.

How hard is this to make yourself, anyway? It’s pretty much iron filings kneaded into standard silly putty, isn’t it? (I suppose you could even start with just the boric acid and silicone oil if working the pre-made putty is too difficult.)


Hours of entertainment? Just how easily amused are you, anyway?


I got some of this a year or so ago (the last time it was advertised here). It was pretty cool and the goop cleans off the magnet pretty easily. Unfortunately the putty started to chemically break down after a couple months. It does make a fun stocking stuffer and should last long enough for the recipient to get bored of it before it dissolves.




Shitting bricks?


It would be more satisfying if I could source a 55-gallon drum of the stuff…


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