A Silly Putty six pack


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What’s newsprint?

Oh, you mean Silly Putty works on LCD monitors? Who knew!




I prefer a 5 lb brick…



Whoa. Next time.


It’s what girls use to do their nails.


Beats the hell out of handing them an electronic device. Silly putty needs no batteries! I remember having more fun handing it to my mother when she was on the phone, though. She’d be engrossed in a conversation and would take it and knead it with no idea what she was doing.


want want want want


My first visual cortex recognition of the article title was “A Pretty Slutty Six Pack”

Sold again!!!


You do NOT need to cut Silly Putty out of hair. It’s a polymer formed from silicone oil and boric acid. However, when mixed with standard methyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), it dissolves back into the constituent parts.

I’ve done this to get it out of carpet - it’s positively magical!


silly putty to six pack…


You can also use it to clean the stylus on your victrola.


I have a friend who goes to the dollar store and buys little toys to hand out to kids who are acting up in public places. I think it’s such a great idea. This would be a nice thing to do along those lines.


At least in the US, standard rubbing alcohol is isopropyl, not methyl. Much much safer.


Silly Putty is roughly identical to a silicone sealant made by Dow Chemical, except it comes packaged in little eggs instead of 50-pound blocks. Some years ago, friends of mine put together a joint purchase of a 50-pound block of it, and I got a couple pounds of it to give to my nephews, who were an appropriate age for it.

Fortunately, this was pre-9/11, because I realized on the way to the airport that my carry-on luggage included an alarm clock and two baggies with blocks of plastic material in them, and just hoped that the airport baggage inspectors wouldn’t think it looked suspicious on the X-Ray. (And fortunately for me, though not for my sister’s carpet, they didn’t notice anything.)


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