Deleting comment warning


I accidentally have deleted a few comments, usually because I’m tired and distracted and was trying to hit edit but clicked really badly. When you go through the little widget and hit the trash icon, it’d be nice if there was a confirmation dialog saying “Are you sure you want to delete this comment?” since it’s a destructive act. While you have to be a bit careless to manage to do it, I sometimes am kind of careless, and there should be safeguards for people sometimes being bit careless.


Yeah, this is one of those instances where the extra click would be appreciated rather than resented. A surprising amount of skull-sweat and work goes into some comments. They deserve a wee safety railing like this so they don’t step off the cliff quite so easily.


You can undelete, no?

(at the cost of edit flags…)


Wait, what?


Oh, I had no idea…


Heh. Apparently neither did I. Now I’m going to have to unlike all the coments above. :wink:


Given that the undelete is not obvious, a warning for people who both a bit oblivious/careless in deleting something and a bit oblivious/careless in discovering a kind of obscure UI element might still be a good thing.


I’d rather have a vi like text interface, so I could feel okay about blaming myself when I screw up.


But does the _un_delete ask you if you really want to delete?


$ rm -fr



At least you didn’t do it as root.


I already I unliked them. Preemptively.


Yes just click the button again to undo the delete. That is why the trashcan button glyph changes to “undo” circular arrow.


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