Delightful 3D illusion sand drawings


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Where’s the “diver’s” shadow?

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Exactly what I was wondering… it’s hard to tell where the person is actually standing. (I hope they didn’t photoshop it out)

Yeah–that’d sort of undermine the point of the whole exercise, but I can’t figure out another explanation. At first I was wondering if it were somehow hidden behind a mound closer to the foreground, but presumably the mound would also cast a shadow given where the sun is.

Shut up! Maybe he’s a vampire, did that ever occur to you, mister Santa-killer? Or… or… Peter Pan!

Curiouser and curiouser–there are several other photos at the linked Facebook page with “divers” at various locations on the same drawing, and none of them have shadows either.

I assume he’s lying on the sand, not standing. If it’s close to midday perhaps his shadow is too small to see.

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I wonder if one could hide the shadow with a cleverly dug hole.

Hmm. I don’t think either of those is the explanation–if you look at the other pictures on the site, shadows are visible in almost all of the other photos. The heavy black shadow on the close side of the diver makes me think that, absent some other form of trickery, a ground shadow should be visible below and to the left of the figure even if he or she is lying down.

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