Delightful Fibonacci sequence poem


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The Fibonacci sequence doesn’t end after the eighth term. It keeps going. I’d say the author has some work to do. I’ll call him when the Fibonacci sequence ends.


Number five is prime
So is the number seven
This is less clever


He edited that part out. It was really good, but sometimes you have to kill your darlings.


I came across this a while back, and decided to have a go myself:


Neat, though I’d like one that goes by syllable count rather than word count.


I’d like one that didn’t read like prose.


are that
mark the pattern best
when combining math and language
for it is the wordless rhythm that must pass the test.
Or splitting a line in two bits, make a rhyming couplet with mathematical shits


I hope someone has shown this to Poesy Doctorow.


You can see how this might spiral out of control.

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